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Friday, January 19, 2018


Ask us.

R-R-whateverWrite a list; check it twice; then call Recreation Excellence. We offer consulting services in a variety of support capacities, including:

Don Chow
With over 20 years in senior management in Alberta and British Columbia and over 10 years in Campus Recreation, Don is a consummate professional  who is constantly innovating in the sports, recreation and active living field.  Don is consistently achieves results in the sports, recreation, health, facilities sector. Many of the his career highlights required close ties to information technology and research reviews that fed a natural curiosity to uncover innovations for continuous improvement. Don has always been driven to serve the greater good in developing outcomes that improve human and community development.

Strengths Include:

  • Policy and Practice Development
  • Assessment
  • Business Case Development
  • Internal and External Customer Service
  • Program and Facility Excellence

Facility Design
While architects specialize in designing attractive recreational facilities, the RecEx team focuses on ensuring specific functions and details remain intact throughout the design. Let our experienced team assist you in designing a cost-effective arena, aquatic centre, fitness room, or comprehensive full-service recreation centre. We'll help you keep the FUNCTION in functionality, saving money and resources each and every operational year for the life of your new facility.

Maintenance & Janitorial Planning and Operation
Teaming with industry leaders, RecEx offers comprehensive, current consultation services regarding all aspects of facility and maintenance planning and operations, including preventative maintenance, facility life cycle planning, capital replacement initiatives, and full-service cleaning programs. It's your one-stop maintenance shop!

Programs and Events
And this is where you will outshine all others! YOU want to be your community's "go-to place" for events!
RecEx can create new approaches to improve promotion of your facility and delivery of your programs and services, and create a "buzz" around the upcoming events in your facility. Ahh...a star is born. With our extensive background in specific recreation facility service areas—including aquatics, arenas, fitness centres and parks—the principal creative minds at RecEx will work with you and your staff to evaluate your initiatives and establish systems to improve customer retention, services, and financial accountability.

Food Services
Why have concessions? The reason is twofold:

  1. To fill in the hungry gap (feed the masses).
  2. To generate revenue.

With our winning team of concession experts, RecEx will work cooperatively with you at each facility to increase concession productivity through sales and service while reducing expenditures. Let our team help you investigate the revenue-generating opportunities in your facility's food services department. Believe me, "there's gold in them there hills."


You know it's always better to give than to receive... A strong volunteer program adds great value, both individually and collectively, to a community. RecEx supports and celebrates your community's dedicated volunteers, whose contributions help create a caring, connected—and happier—community. Let RecEx's volunteer development program help you meet this goal.

Are you missing the "sizzle"? Marketing your programs on a higher level can be the make-or-break difference in your facility. RecEx understands that even great programs need to be marketed well—just ask Rowdy and Rowdine; they've been spreading the word from day one! As you watch your user base increase, you will see the value in effective marketing strategies. That's why, for more than a decade, we've teamed with the marketing experts at Fusion FX Design and Marketing Inc. to help our clients evaluate existing marketing initiatives and develop fresh approaches that add sizzle and excitement to evolving programs and services.

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